About me

Dr Kristy Turner – educator, writer and science communicator

Chemistry education professional teaching in both school and university settings. I teach chemistry at Bolton School Boys’ Division and in the School of Chemistry at the University of Manchester.

Research interests

Transition between school and university in STEM, modelling and visual representations in chemistry, historical assessment of A-levels, assessment design.


  • 2002-2006 PhD in synthetic organic chemistry, with Prof. David.J.Procter, University of Glasgow
  • 2002-2010 Westhoughton High School, teacher of science-chemistry ending my time there as Head of Chemistry.
  • 2010-2011 Royal Society of Chemistry School Teacher Fellow, University of Manchester.
  • 2011- present Bolton School Boys’ Division, teacher of chemistry (0.4 from 2015)
  • 2015-present, University of Manchester (0.6)
  • Blogger for Education in Chemistry
  • June 2015 – editorial board of Education in Chemistry
  • January 2019 – Chair of Editorial Board of Education in Chemistry

Freelance work


I am a freelance writer, contributing regularly to Education in Chemistry, Chemistry World and Nature Reviews Chemistry.  I write education pieces including anecdotal and opinion articles, commentary, curriculum and teaching ideas.  I also write science articles, especially those aimed at general interest audiences and school students.

Contributor biographies

In addition I write resources to enhance the impact of science articles by fitting them for classroom use.

The popular RSC resources Starters for Ten were devised by me and written with my RSC School Teacher Fellow colleague Dr Catherine Smith.  They are free to download from the RSC’s website and are now in 3 parts Starters for Ten (approximately Y1 of the A level chemistry course), Advanced Starters for Ten (approx Y2 of the A level course) and Starters for Ten Chapter 0 Transition from GCSE.

Curriculum design

I am particularly interested in the construction of learning in chemistry/science.  I am a member of the RSC’s Curriculum and Assessment Working Group (11-18, previously 11-16) where I contribute expertise voluntarily.  I also work on curricula on a freelance basis and have worked on chemistry curricula both in the UK and internationally including presenting work via web conference and through a translator.

Conference and event presentations

I present aspects of my research and expertise regularly at chemistry and science education conferences including the Association of Science Education annual conference, Variety in Chemistry Education/Physics Higher Education Conference and ResearchEd Rugby.  I also organise and contribute to Teachmeets.

I am also available to give talks in a professional capacity, particularly in the area of exam skills in chemistry/science.  Since 2017 I have been providing these for Education in Action’s events in Salford.


I am comfortable working in front of the camera and especially skilled in explaining science to younger audiences and the general public.


  • October 2017 Countryfile Autumn Special (BBC1), National Conker Championships – science piece with Naomi Wilkinson on the enzymatic production of acetone from conkers in WW2.
  • December 2017 Countryfile highlights of the year (repeat)
  • October 2018 Newsround (CBBC) Can slime ever be eco friendly? Science piece
  • Jan-Feb 2019 Back in Time for School (Wall to Wall for BBC2) Historical documentary series.  Contributor 6/8 episodes starring as a teacher in the time travelling experiment experiencing school from 1895-1999 and the present day.
  • Jan 3rd 2019 Midlands Today
  • Jan 2019 Newsround (CBBC) Special for celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table What is the Periodic Table? Cool Facts about the Periodic Table
Back in time for school 1980s (episode 6)

Policy and voluntary work

I volunteer my time within the chemistry/science education policy at one off consultations and through ongoing work for organisations including the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Society.

Recent examples –

  • Curriculum and assessment working group (11-16) 2016-2018
  • Curriculum and assessment working group (11-18) 2019 onwards
  • Review of Awards and Recognition, Nov 2018-Jan 2019
  • Editorial board member, Education in Chemistry since 2014
  • Chair of editorial board, Education in Chemistry Jan 2019-present

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Kristy,
    I am a MS Science teacher (@MrsVNielsen) who is looking to spend part of her sabbatical in 2020 in a STEM Center/ School to get some ideas/experience. Do you have any hints/ideas for me?


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